Thursday 29 April 2010

Deleting Multiple e-mail messages on a Blackberry

Another thing that I've recently discovered is how to delete multiple messages from a blackberry. Instead of having 500 emails on my phone, I'd rather just have the most important emails and delete the rest. But until now I was just deleting the e-mails manually, one by one, pressing the delete button in the e-mail list to delete the e-mails. However, it seems like there's a faster way to delete several e-mails together.

Interestingly enough deleting several messages (e-mails or call messages) on the blackberry is the analog of doing so on the computer (where one holds the shift key or ctrl/cmd key to select multiple things). One simply needs to:
  • Hold down the Shift Key (the one on the bottom row, to the left most or right most side of the keyboard with the aA symbol)
  • Scroll along with your trackball to select messages (hah, take that touch screen phones... let's see you do this! well actually it is quite possible)
  • Press the Delete key (the one that says del with the left arrow)
  • Choose your option (your blackberry will choose Cancel as the default if you do this... instead of automatically going on your preferred option):
    • Either delete it from your handset
    • Or delete it from the server too
  • Enjoy your empty/skimmed down inbox!
And there you have it. No longer will you have to scroll through the spam and facebook messages to reach that important email.

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  1. A blackberry? The other day I serviced a customer, using our 5l oxygen concentrator, and he was an elderly gentlemen still using his blackberry. He was very attached to it and said he refused to replace it, even under great pressure from his family.