Thursday 1 July 2010

Windows XP Mode in Windows 7

If you have an application that only runs in Windows XP and you’re planning on getting Windows 7 (professional edition or greater) here is how you can emulate Windows XP on Windows 7. 

What is Windows XP Mode?

Windows XP Mode is essentially a Windows XP Virtual Machine. A virtual machine that only works for Windows XP. It runs the Windows XP operating system as though it were an application on Windows 7, but give has special “permissions” so that it can access (although not directly in the strictest sense) the hardware (CD/DVD Drive, USB drive etc. but no the actual hard drive) on you computer.
Usually when installing a virtual machine, you first need to create a virtual hard drive on your computer (which is just a file that is reserved for the virtual machine to use as a hard drive) and run the painfully long installation process (validation and all) to run an operating system. But with WXP Mode you can essentially just download the hard drive file where everything is nice and ready for you to use.

How to get Windows XP Mode

First, click the start button (the blue orb on the bottom left of the screen) and search for Windows XP Mode.

You will them be prompted to Download Windows XP Mode.
Click Download to be taken to Microsoft’s Website. Here, you’ll have to choose the options according to what you desire. If you happen to be using a browser other than Internet Explorer as your default browser, copy and paste the download in IE, as the download page may not play nice with other browsers since it requires “Windows Validation”.
However once you download and install all three components on the download page, you’ll be able to access your Windows XP installation directly from the start menu item.
Once you open Windows XP mode, you will be able to install the applications/games that only run on Windows XP and enjoy the other features that Windows 7 offers as well.

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