Monday 1 December 2008

5 steps make Windows XP faster in 2 mins FREE!

image If  know you are going to be stuck with XP for a while (which is actually a good thing since vista isn't better anyway), then why not speed up Microsoft's uber slow Windows XP?

Here we go:

How to speed up windows XP in 2 minutes!

(Note: Well, technically, you'll be able to speed up your computer n 3 minutes once you read ALL the information on this page, and the information on the other pages this page links to - it is always important to read instructions,  especially when

they can harm your computer, and remember ABC - Always Backup Computers!)

Step 1

Implement the registry tweaks mentioned in the speed up XP post. It is filled with tweaks that are going to make your computer faster. Don't worry.. it's not a virus or a malicious file, unless you don’t read the instructions.

Step 2

Disable worthless fading effects and the regular flashy theme in Windows XP, see the Sysfader article (you might have to scroll down a little) on how to do it.

Step 3

Defrag, defrag, defrag, and use Disk Clean/Crap Cleaner to free up some space on your hard drive! Need I say more?

Step 4

Keep your computer up to date and make sure you download the latest service packs and other little security updates to ensure your computer is performing at its best. Often (but most certainly not always!), when you apply a new service pack and so on, it’ll improve the speed of your computer greatly.

Step 5

STAY AWAY from memory eating processor intensive Anti-Viruses! This means no Norton/Symantec or McAfee or even things like AVG that scan your computer regularly.

Using processor intensive anti-virus programs (that have heuristics enabled) can actually slow down your computer tremendously, and its best to stay away from these programs. If you already have these programs installed, find out how to disable their heuristics (or constantly checking files for viruses) feature. Of course, disabling this feature means that it’s much easier for you to download a virus and accidently run it, but it’ll make your computer MUCH faster. The only side effect is that you’ll have to scan every suspicious file manually before opening it. 

If you do all the steps mentioned above (remember it’ll only take you 2 minutes to do it, once you know what to do!) it’ll ensure a speedy windows computer and a happy life. Okay, may be not the happy life, but at least your computer will be much faster.

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  1. I dont get step 1 and My dad will kill me if i disable AVG and Zonealarm. to help me eemail me at

  2. You don't have to disable AVG, just disable the heuristics part, and make sure you scan every file manually if you want to check if its a virus. Never disable ZoneAlarm (that's the firewall, and it should always be on)! For instructions try,14453778 because it shows you how you can turn off 'Use Heuristics Analysis'.

    Furthermore, Step 1 isn't necessary, so just skip that step. If you are determined to do that step, then just post another comment here and I'll try to post more indetailed instructions or a screencast.