Sunday 21 December 2008

A new easier way to back up your Blogger Blog

Today, while flipping through the settings page, I just noticed that Blogger has added a new option that allows you to back-up your posts. A while ago, I'd written about a little application for windows that allowed you to do the same. But now, thanks to blogger, there's no need for that. And, now, I can also backup my blog from my Mac.

Apparently, all you need to do now, is go to the Settings tab and click on Export Blog to save your blog posts to a file on your desktop. Then, if you want to restore a back-up to your blog all you do is click on 'Import files' on the same Settings page and choose the file from your desktop when Blogger asks you which file you want to backup.

Simple enough, but that still doesn't take care of backing-up pictures that I post to the blog. I suppose that's probably because Blogger now uses Picasa web. But nevertheless, my article on downloading PicasaWeb Pictures(and in the process... backing up Picasa web pictures) should be enough for backing up the pics on my Picasa account.

Nevertheless, I still find that blogger has several features that have been missing for centuries, because the Blogger team has paid no attention whatsoever to them. Most of them deal with the posting interface. And I'll be sure to rant about that in a later post. But for now, I'll just stop here and savour this moment.

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