Friday 16 December 2005

Another computer video...

Today we watched another boring (well most of it was boring anyways) old (I think this video was made in the early 90's or something) video that talks about computers. Basically it was just like any other video created for normal school students. It's soo old that in their intro they have a screenie of a windows 95 or a windows 98 computer screen. Here are some of my thoughts on it.....

The most part of it was boring. However it did talk about "Power Sources", "Load" and "Switches". It also talked about how cpu's are produced aand there are 46 steps that are there if you want to getinto the cpu production place. I believe it is called a "Clean room" according to a professor in a college that I visited last year. Supposedly they make microchips there... or make sure that the microchips are made properly or something like that.

The video also told us about how cpu's are manufactured and that how cpu's work. They have three main prosesses " fetch", "decode" and "process" and the cpu makers (at least the one sover at intel) seem to make cpu's with three main type of people. Teh architects, then the people who take the information from the architects "or the logics department" and finally the "masking department"

It also did talk about the basic stuff too such as transistors in cpu... and the usualy yada yada about input out and processing and storage. Its funny to see what example they give... in this video it seemed to be a "toaster" haha.

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