Tuesday 13 December 2005

Excel, the program that loves doing math

Excel is one of the most used software for accounting around the world (or atleast that's what I think). Usually spreadsheet applications are very helpful when it comes to math (even though you need to do some thinking) because it does all the math for you! However, using it sometimes can be a little intimidating if you don't know what does what. That's why I've put together some Excel tips (more coming soon), and hopefully it might to help you out.

1. The box like thing between a row (the lines that are going horizontal corresponding to the numbers) and a column (the lines that are going vertical corresponding to the letters) is called a cell
2. The location of the cell is identified by the column and the row it is in. For example if a cell is in the A column and the 1st row its cell address is A1
3. Whenever you are writing a formula remember to keep in mind the BEDMAS rule and include brackets
4. Instead of typing in the cell address you can just click on the cell and the cell address will automatically be recorded in the formula
5. Always begin a formula with and equal sign
6. If you are working on a large spreadsheet don't forget to "split" it (Window > Split)
7. You don't need to use just the spreadsheet that you are working on you can also click on other sheets at the bottom of the window and do your work in that

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