Wednesday 8 March 2006

Exploring Photoshop

"I'll take you to the photoshop, I accquaint you with a tool name 'crop' ", opps you caught me singing again ! Today I am going to talk about something more interesing such as... Adobe Photoshop! Well it might be interesting to some but boring to others, but in class we are doing Photoshop, so I decided that why not make a post about it?
Here are the basic things that every single 'Photoshopist' must know about:
1) The Well: The well is where you keep all the windows that you don't want on the screen. These windows help you while you are using photoshop.

2) The tools: Clicking on each icon enables the tool so that you can do something with that tool

Tip: If you right click on tools with the little triangle, you can access similar tools as well. Like shown in this screenshot!
3) The menubar: Pretty much the same as any other application. Except it has more features than normal image editing programs such as MS Paint.

Let's get more deeper into photoshop shall we?

The good thing about photoshop is that you can use layers. So you can put one layer over the other one without harming the previous later. It's also good for adding effects, and of course experimenting! It also has something called chanels which makes a prefessionals perfect tool. It won't get into channels here, but you can read more about it here.

The Tools:
Tools are key while creating editing graphics, so here's a little (okay may be not little) picture that tells you about each tool in Photoshop. (I haven't included all tools though, so that you don't get confused... I'll talk about them later on!)

Okay, so I've tried to make this as simple as possible for my fellow classmates. However, if this is a bit too hard (or too easy) for you then why not tell me, so that I could change it around.

Have fun using Photoshop!

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