Sunday 12 March 2006

Google hires 15 year old

Update: Apparently the 15 old kid was just playing a practical joke... and he wasn't hired by google or anything like that. I did sort of think that this could be a lie... (mainly because he didn't find out the flaw in the first place, because the flaw was found on this blog of a 14 year old). But oh well, he has to face the consequences now. But that can mean only one thing- Google, here I come :D !
Google recently hired a 15 year old... why? Apparently that kid is a JavaScript and AJAX guru! And he was the first one who discovered about the Gmail flaw in which any code placed in an e-mail is executed automatically by Gmail. And Google came to know about this through his blog.
What a lucky kid... working for Google when he is 15 years old must be quite an achievement. I say they should have hired me instead... I could help in ... uh... improving and enhancing Google's site search to give more specific results and to potentially increase the Ad-sense revenue (because more search results = more page visits = potential revenue through ad-sense).
Oh well, I wish I could get hired as well, even though I might just be 14, age doesn't matter, right? And now since it was a practicle joke, I could be the younges employee after all...

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