Friday 24 March 2006

IE 7 is good

I was recently reading about the new Internet Explorer 7 and it's features and it has come to my attention that IE 7 is definitely catching up with it's numerous features. Although it might not be the best browser out there, it still definitely has some cool features that the other don't. However there's only one single problem here: Will people actually upgrade their Internet Explorer to IE 7?
When people are too worried to use Firefox itself then why would people upgrade to IE 7. Now, I realize that Microsoft is a 'trusted' company and people like Microsoft things, and they prefer Microsoft over another company. But the question still remains... Perhaps the only way to get out of this is forcing people to upgrade like MSN Messenger (or WLM) and so on (or Automatic Updates). However, that might only make people more angry that Microsoft is starting to bundle applications (not literally, but somewhat similarly) like Apple does with Quicktime and iTunes (not for the Mac version though).
And... what about the people that don't have XP. If you ask me I'd say that the number of people who don't have Windows XP is a large one, and if you are a web designer you want to make sure that every visitor has the best. So unless Microsoft find out a way for that, it's just boring to be the people who have NT or 2000 or ME (heh... if you happen to be having Windows ME, then I suggest you upgrade).

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