Saturday 15 July 2006

How to study from a textbook

Although this has nothing to do with technology, I think textbooks play a huge role in our life. Time and again they have served as the way humans learn more about a subject and further their understanding on a particular topic. Obviously as we progress the populations of textbooks is assuredly going to dwindle, nonetheless it is still the most important way many students today get their knowledge from. Here are a couple of tips that I found that are sure to help you study better, retain more and therefore make the most out of your textbook.

Step 1 - Skim through the text / chapter you are about to learn or cover in class

  • Get an overview, find out what the chapter is about: Discovery only.

Step 2 - Underline

  • Underline the keyword for subheadings
  • Main phrase of paragraphs and definitions
  • Important names, places, dates

Step 3 - Number

  • Events in sequence, steps in a process
  • All points to be remembered
  • You should now recopy the notes in point form

Step 4 - Draw

  • Drawing often helps people retain more, especially visual learners who like to picture facts and even numbers
  • Draw a chart to - link events - show a process - show differences such as advantages / disadvantages or cause / effect, or similarities and differences.

Step 5 - Arrange

  • Outlines in order; collect charts and diagrams to go with outline notes.
  • Arrange study cue cards too

Step 6  - Write out things in your own words

  • Rewrite th ekey words as a subheading
  • Rerite ll point form notes in YOUR OWN WORDS for each heading
  • Redraw the charts and diagrams

Finally -- Study

Study every thing from your charts, sub-headings and your point form notes. Following the process in a timely manner will help you get more out from school and more importantly help you manage your time a lot better.

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