Monday 30 June 2008

How to stop GIF images from animating

A lot of users like to customize their settings, and some users just go overboard. Many a times people have seizure inducing GIF animations in their signatures and avatar/display images on forums, blogs and other such sites on the internet. Myspace for example has many user pages that contain thousands of animated images that will cause to you jump off from the 9th floor. If you dont want that to happen to you, I suggest you learn this quick tip.

The solution to stop GIF images from animating for ever and ever(and this solution is only limited to GIF images... Flash is a different story) is to press the Escape key on your keyboard. Simple enough, isn't it? Plus, it works on any browser! Well, thank goodness its this simple, or else I would have long ago stopped using the internet.

Here's a test. Try to use the tip you've just learned to stop the annoying bug below.

See, I told ya it'd be helpful.

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