Sunday 29 June 2008

How to Sync your Sony Ericsson w580i with your Mac

For a couple of days I've been searching for a solution on how to sync my w580i cell phone with my mac. The only solution that I could uncover was to buy a plug-in that would cost me about $3. But that would involve purchasing and what not, plus I wasn't sure it would work or not. Then finally today I came across this page where you can download a plug-in for syncing the phone with the mac for free.
According to the page:

iSync doesn't have support for the W580 or S500 yet, so here are plugins. Unzip and copy to /Applications/

You can download the plug-in on their page. And after you unzip the program, you'll have to open up the Applications folder > Right click on iSync > Click 'Show Package Contents'. And then you can click on Contents > PlugIns > ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice > Contents > Plugins and drag and drop the folder. Then just open up iSync > Devices > Add Device and make sure you turn on bluetooth on your phone. If a message pops up on your phone asking you if that your Mac wants to use your computer as a modem, just click Yes so that the Mac and Phone can talk to each other.

One other note: You'll have to make sure that your phone has bluetooth turned on (which I find to be the easiest way to sync) and make sure that your Phone's Name doesn't have in special characters in it, or iSync will not be able to do its job and you wont be able to add the phone to your devices.

Now, I can blame the fact that I forgot my friends birthday on the phone. I guess, everything has advantages and disadvantages.

Have fun organizing all your contacts!

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  1. hi there --

    your instructions are super helpful, except for one thing -- when i open the plugins in the "applephoneconduit.syncdevice" folder after downloading/unzipping the file from the website you suggest, the sony ericsson w580i does not appear on the list. yet that is the phone i have, and hence that is the phone i need to sync to my macbook.

    any suggestions?

    thanks much!

  2. Hello Jenhofer,

    You'll have to drag and drop the the plugin into the ApplePhoneConduit.syncdevice > Contents > Plugins . Once you do that you'll have to TURN ON BLUETOOTH on your phone. So you'll need to figure out how to do that. Then make sure the BLUETOOTH ON YOUR LAPTOP is on too! And then the macbook and the phone will see each other, and live happily ever after :)

    Hope this helps!

  3. hey rishi --

    thanks much! the problem i have, though, isn't addressed by your comment -- or else i'm not understanding your instructions (as i'm sure you can tell, i'm kind of a computer dolt). i can't find a plugin with my phone type anywhere in the files i've downloaded. there's a long list of phones that does NOT include the sony ericsson w580i, which is the phone i have. where do i locate the plugin for the w580i? i went to the website you suggest above and downloaded their zip file, but the list of phones does not include the w580i. is it possible they've taken that phone off their list or something?

    the other confusing thing is that i have bluetooth enabled on both my phone and my computer, and the two do seem to be able to see one another, but i still can't save files from my phone to my computer. isync can see the device, but tells me "isync cannot connect to this device."

    any further help you might provide would be most appreciated! otherwise, i'll bug one of my more computer-savvy friends.

    tearing out my hair,


  4. I just did this; it worked flawlessly setting up and syncing my W580i. Thank you for your time giving this instructions to everyone. Kind regards