Monday 4 August 2008

The reason why Windows Vista was experiencing problems

Off late, my Windows Vista Ultimate install was experience a slew of problems, which might explain the reason I had 10 GB of error reporting information. It seems as though I’ve uncovered the cause for these problems.

Turns out, I had 2 anti-virus programs installed on the computer. Of course, I had uninstalled both of them a long time ago, and yet remnants of the program still seem to cause problems. I’m not sure if its Vista’s fault that the programs are still lingering around, of if its the software’s fault. But nonetheless, the fact remains that according to the operating systems two anti-virus programs are on simultaneously.


Since there is no clear cut way of uninstalling each and every singe component pertaining to both the applications, it looks like I’ll have to reinstall the whole operating system and start from scratch. Trying to make do with the operating system in its current stage by simply changing a couple of settings and deleting files will only remove the weeds temporarily, till they grow back again. It’s a good thing I know how to back up my Firefox and Internet Explorer data. So all I’ll have to do is reinstall, install Office and a couple of other applications and restore my Firefox settings. Great, another day well spent. Thanks Vista!

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  1. the new itunes 7.7 is what is causing the problem.

    When you plug in your shuffle, itunes should pop up.

    right underneath your ipod on the left hand menu there should be a folder titled "PODCASTS",
    delete this and your ipod should work!

    i found it on the apple ipod help site, there has been problems and i had a problem with mine!

    this should solve it if it has just happened within the last few days.

  2. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing your opinion and solution on how to fix the problem. I'll update the post as necessary to reflect the changes in the method of troubleshooting the particular problem.