Wednesday 15 October 2008

WriteRoom - An Application for distraction free writing

Here's a great no-nonsense hard core writing application for all you writers out there. It's called WriteRoom and it all it does it help you write stuff. This is how the application looks like. Of course, if you are on Windows, do check out the alternatives that are just as good (but most don't have spellcheck -- mainly because Windows doesn't have spellcheck).

Yes, it looks like an ancient version of command prompt, except with green text. Of course, almost every detail of the application (the text, the background and the font size) is customizable. It even has spellcheck. And it even has a scrollbar for easy scrolling. Something the windows alternatives seem to lack.

It also has more cool features : for example, it saves your text automatically so you don't have to worry about saving it yourself. If you want to save different "versions" of your writing you can do that too. Its pretty cool software, and once you start using it for a while you'll quickly get the hang of it. It makes more sense when you start using it, so just download a copy from the links provided below in this article and start writing with it. You'll quickly realize that you're producing better quality articles, in lesser time and more frequently.

It's simple, minimalistic and most important of all it works! And of course since its a Mac application, it also has other cool features. You can right click, and get the computer to read the text to you. I'm guessing this is only possible if you have Leopard or Tiger, but you might be able to do the same in older versions as well.

WriteRoom is great for writing essays, reports and even blog posts. It's almost like a typewriter. Although it is very in-advanced in terms of the features it has, you don't need to worry about the formatting, text or even text size. Once you set your basic preferences, you're SET! No fiddling with fonts unnecessarily just because you have the chance to and no messing around with needless formatting. You can of course copy the text from WriteRoom and then paste it in Microsoft Word before you decide to print your work an add all the necessary formatting.

So, I realize that WriteRoom is paid software, but there is a way to Download it for FREE. That's right, you can actually download an older version of the application from the HogBay software all for completely free. It does almost everything the new version does, so if you're a poor student like me and can't afford to buy the software you might want to use that alternative.

How to Download WriteRoom for Free

You can download an older version of WriteRoom 1, from the WriteRoom releases page. This version is free, and there is no purchase necessary =). You'll likely have to scroll down and select the "Free and Unsupported Version". Unless you just want to try out the newest version for 30 days.

Nonetless, please buy the software if you feel like it's totally worth it.

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