Sunday 14 December 2008

How to 'steal' custom emoticons in MSN Messenger

Have you ever experienced the urge to have your own assortment of custom emoticons from which you can use the perfect smiley for the perfect moment? Well, if you're lucky enough that your friends use MSN/Windows Live Messenger, which also means you most likely live in Canada, you can use custom emoticons as well as steal them! Technically, all you are doing is downloading an animated GIF that your friend sends you when they use the emoticon. You can then use this emoticon in your own conversations. Gradually, as you start collecting more emoticons, you'll find that you have your very own 'custom smiley emoticon pack thingy'! Here's how you can do this:

It's pretty simple actually!

Finding the perfect emoticon to steal

First, your friend needs to send you a custom emoticon. In order for your friend to send you that custom smiley/emoticon they ought to have downloaded that from elsewhere and uploaded to their messenger installation, on their computer. Anyway, once they send it to you, all you need to do is add that emoticon.

Adding the emoticon to your library

To add the emoticon, simply right click and click on add. This will store the emoticon on your own computer, and then you can use it in a conversation with someone else. You can also assign your own shortcuts to the emoticons and so on to make it easier for you to use that emoticon again.

Have fun stealing (and eventually sharing) custom emoticons. If your friends don't send you any custom emoticons, then consider downloading free emoticon smiley packs instead of stealing em ;) !

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