Saturday 17 January 2009

Download Free Windows 7 Wallpapers

This goes out to all the Windows/Microsoft/Windows 7 fans out there, who are searching for ways to pimp-out your Windows Vista or Windows XP. Please note that I have not created any of these wallpapers or wallpaper packs, but merely put together a collection of the stuff so that all of you can download it freely and fast.

Oh and by the way you might also want to check out my ‘make your Windows Vista install look like Windows 7 tutorial’ if you really want to get on the Windows 7 bandwagon.

Official Windows 7 Wallpapers (from the Betas and from Vista Final Releases)


DeviantArt Windows 7 Wallpaper Packs (from fellow Windows loving artists)

Windows Se7en Pack 1 by ~Frnak

image With some beautiful wallpapers this is probably one of the best Windows “Se7en packs” out there. It has the abstract art, the logos and even the colour schemes that are so prominent in modern Microsoft design. This pack even comes with regular screen and widescreen sizes, so that it won’t look distorted on your widescreen monitor or look like its stretched on your regular monitor.

Windows 7 Wallpaper Pack by ~maoractive

imageThis pack is a great pack for those who want some cool ‘Aurora’ looking Windows 7 ish wallpapers without having the Windows 7 Logo pasted all over the place. It’s clean, simple, and mimics the style of the original Microsoft wallpapers found in the Windows 7 builds.

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